Inside the Pricing Process of Janitorial Services

If you’re thinking of hiring janitorial services for your property, you might be concerned about where these prices are coming from. How do janitorial companies decide what to charge a customer? What’s a fair price? Watch this video to learn more.

Some companies charge by the hour.

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In order to estimate the length of a project, the janitor will walk through and take note of everything, along with approximately how long it would take to clean. The formula for time to clean is essentially the square footage of the facility divided by the janitor service’s production rate.

It pays to be wary of janitorial services that offer a price that seems too good to be true. They will likely need to raise their prices in order to make ends meet. Janitorial services who are offering quality services are likely pricing their work more appropriately.

Carpet cleaning, stripping, window washing, waxing, and polishing stone floors are all specialty work and will likely be priced accordingly. Extra projects will show up as extra lines on your bill, but the janitorial companies will appreciate the additional profit. If you want to make your account more valuable to potential janitors, have a few specialty projects.

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