Is Your Company Looking for a More Affordable Document Shredding Company?

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Secure shredding services may not be what is being talked about during this 2016 Presidential Election, but the importance of privacy when it comes to politicians has certainly been discussed this election. In fact, a misunderstanding about a what documents can be destroyed could still be the undoing of an entire party. For most Americans, waiting for late tonight or first thing tomorrow to see how government privacy issues will play out might make for some anxious and tense moments.
In a time when the unauthorized document destruction and hard drive destruction
could possibly end someone?s political
career, it is no wonder that government offices and other entities are double checking the recommended procedure before contracting with a document shredding company.
Even when the destruction of old files is required by law, having the confidence that you are working with the safest document shredding company is essential.
Secure paper shredding also helps businesses in other ways as well. The elimination of large amounts of paper storage at a company, for instance, also eliminates a major fire threat. Paper burns at a very fast rate and at a very high temperature. Eliminating the unnecessary and no longer used paper makes a workplace more safe.
Following the government rules for the safe destruction of medical records also erases a major space issue. Boxes and boxes of old medical records or old correspondence and confidential notes would fill entire warehouses if they were not properly and safely disposed of.
How Secure Are Your Work Emails, Correspondence, and Other Communications?
The idea for a document shredding company is nothing new. For years companies, medical agencies, and government offices have been responsible for securely disposing of outdated records and files. Taking into consideration the amount of paper this usually involves means that for a number of years companies have had to hire outside services to shred and safely destroy pounds and pounds of paper.
What is new to the services that a document shredding company offers is the recycling aspect of the business. In fact, for some companies that work with the right paper shredding services part of the cost of the shredding can be recouped by the selling of the recycled materials. The decision to work with a shredding company that offers an incentive for the recycling of materials is also a decision to help the environment.
Did you know that paper is the most common solid waste material found in around the world? Doesn’t it seem puzzling that in a time when we have the technologies to recycle something as simple as paper that it still takes up space in our landfills? Companies that offer competitive pricing for document shredding and customers who take advantage of these options both serve a greater purpose.
Is Your Company or Agency Making Environmentally Friendly Decisions?
Although the decision to shred documents started because of an effort to protect customer and client privacy, the advancements in technology have made paper shredding an important green practice in our world. Currently, in fact, the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that as many as 80% of the paper mills in America are now specifically designed to use the paper that is collected in shredding and recycling programs. This means that papers that were initially shredded to ensure privacy are now increasingly being used for greater purposes. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found that recycling causes 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution than making original, virgin paper.
Although we assume that much of our life exists on a digital platform, the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicates that information theft costs American businesses close to $24 billion every single year. The fact that as much as 95% of business information is still stored on paper is an indication that safe and secure document shredding will continue to be a major need for businesses.
In a time when online exchanges lead to only 10% of identify theft cases, it should come as no surprise that safe and secure document shredding is more important than ever. For while criminals can use improperly disposed paper documents to steal a person’s identity, the use of the internet and digital technologies can quickly make the problem much worse.

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