Secure, Clean And Environmentally Sustainable The Benefits Of Paper Shredding Services

Document shredding service

Document security is a hot button issue and for good reason. Even a minor security breach can see your entire business compromised, costing you hard-earned money and wasting time you’ll never get back. Thanks to on site shredding services, you can ensure that your private information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands while simultaneously doing your part to keep the environment clean. Document shredding services offer a variety of different methods of disposing of your unwanted documents and paper for an affordable price, widely considered an indispensable part of running a successful business in an increasingly globalized marketplace. Not sure how on site shredding services work? Let’s take a look at this necessary process.

Identity Theft

Did you know online exchanges represent less than 10% of total identity theft cases year by year? Paper shredding is a necessary action to take to keep your personal and business information safe and secure all days of the year, as simply crumpling up your documents and tossing them into the bin can lead to major trouble when you least expect it. The FBI has estimated, thanks to ongoing studies, that information theft costs American businesses a staggering $24 billion every year. This isn’t the only costly side-effect, however, and the environment can feel this blowback if proper measures aren’t taken.

Environmental Awareness

Paper is by far the most common material found in solid waste, both stateside and around the world. The U.S. EPA has found that recycling not only benefits the environment by putting less strain on forests, but it causes 35% less water pollution and nearly 75% less air pollution than making paper from scratch. Document storage companies frequently recycle the paper they shred, giving back to the environment and your community at large.

Information Storage

Not everything has changed quite so significantly. Studies have shown a stunning 95% of business information still stored on paper, despite digital processes having rapidly replaced many conventional methods of communication and storage over the years. Doctors and health insurance providers, for example, are legally tasked with document shredding duties regularly — this is due to the sensitive nature of the information in their care, causing federal laws to emphasize the need of properly disposing of comprehensive data.

Cluttered Space

Last, but not least, using on site shredding services can free up your office space. Clutter has been proven to significantly impact productivity down the line, with studies showing messy environments contributing to increased anxiety and stress levels in workers. Not only can using on site shredding services save you valuable office space, it can also reduce the risk of fires. With all these financial and environmental benefits, paper shredding services should be high on your to-do list once spring cleaning rolls around.

On Site Shredding Services

So, why should you use on site shredding services? The most significant reason for many business is the proper disposal of secure information, protecting the livelihood and information of dozens of hard workers throughout the year. Taking care of the environment is another essential component, as paper is a finite resource and many are turning to eco-friendly methods to reduce strain on both the environment and surrounding community. Thanks to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency, over 80% of paper mills in the United States are dedicated to recycling paper used in shredding services. Next time you need to dispose of sensitive documents but aren’t sure where to turn, on site shredding services will match all your needs and then some.

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