Learn How to Start Your Own Parking Lot Striping Company

Parking lot striping companies provide a valuable service to commercial property owners. Parking lot striping companies help commercial property owners in compliance. This type of business uses specific equipment to lay the striping.

Video Source

This video evaluates the different equipment options that are available.

This video evaluates both the smaller striping machine and a larger machine. The video evaluates the pros and cons of each style of equipment and provides some tips and tricks that the new business owner can benefit from.

After watching this video anyone that is interested would have the basic knowledge as to which type of equipment is the best option for various sized jobs and types of paint. For example, a smaller paint striping machine may only be able to use latex paint and only be able to accomplish small parking lot spaces. While the larger equipment comes with a wider range of material options and can manage a wide range of spaces.

If you are interested in starting your own parking lot striping service and want to learn more about the equipment that is available this video will provide you with all the basic information that you need. Watch this video to gather the data you need to start your business.


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