Learn All About Heavy Duty Drive Over Conveyor Belts

What are drive-over conveyor belts? How do they operate? This video shows you exactly what heavy-duty drive over conveyor belts are, how they operate, and what they are used for. Most people that do not work in the trucking or warehousing industry have never heard of this equipment, but it is used daily by a wide range of industries. It is a labor-saving device that many organizations depend on.

This video takes you through the process of setting up this convenient piece of equipment and shows you all the gauges and tools that are mounted on the equipment. It is interesting to watch as this mammoth machine easily sets up and readies for heavy load trucks to drive right on to it.

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This specialty equipment is an important part of the daily work life of many people. Learning more about how this can reduce labor costs and keep logistics moving along is fascinating.

Anyone that loves watching machinery work will love to spend a few minutes watching this video. Watch now to see how this little talked about piece of equipment has a big impact on reducing labor and moving goods from the truck to the warehouse.


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