Learn What Makes Yamaha Dealerships Different


Not many people know that Yamaha dealerships are selling more than just bikes, they are selling an experience. This video will show how. The staff at Yamaha dealerships work hard to understand the customer as well as the machine.

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They are also enthusiastic about the product and they want their customers to be, too.

The Yamaha Dealer Excellence Program was created in order to promote their vision. They guarantee that they will be the dealership that provides the best service and best quality product for every motor enthusiast. The staff is well trained on every vehicle, every part, and the best ways to interact with their customers. Different dealerships will earn different Pro Yamaha Motorsports Specialist badges, such as star, sport, and outdoor. This means that this particular dealership has taken steps to become experts in specific categories of vehicles. Looking out for these dealerships will ensure the best customer experience for each type of motorbike. The customer satisfaction experience at Yamaha dealerships lasts well beyond the first point of sale. They strive to take care of their customer’s needs throughout the entire lifespan of the vehicle. Yamaha dealerships stand out from the crowd with their attention to detail.

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