One Out Of Three Consumers Prefer Eco-Friendly Brands How To Communicate Sustainability Benefits

What’s the first thing your customers notice about your business?

If you said exterior and interior design, you’re right. A good product or nice customer service experience is paramount, of course, but a first impression precedes every new visit whether you like it or not. This means a lackluster design or messy floor can not just give your business a bad name, but potentially turn off new visitors entirely. With people becoming more critical by the day more small and large businesses are looking for ways to improve their visual style while staying relevant.

Combine an eco-friendly approach with strong artistic vision by investing in architectural stone for sale.

Did You Know?

When you want to stay ahead of smart design trends, look no further than stone for sale. Marble flooring has seen a major comeback these last few years as businessowners and customers alike become more environmentally aware…and why not? Stone is readily available, highly flexible in many different applications and able to last a long time with little damage to the environment. Today over 90% of homeowners choosing to update their countertops during a kitchen renovation are choosing to use stone for sale in some form or another.

Natural Stone Has Been Used For Ages

Look no further than a history book to see how long natural stone has been around. The use of marble in architecture and art can be traced back many thousands of years to ancient temples, old residences and beautiful galleries. According to studies provided by the National Association Of Home Builders, marble flooring can last over 100 years with proper maintenance. Marble countertops, in particular, can even last a lifetime. When you need a beautiful material that can hold up to foot traffic and heavy expectations, ceramic slabs for sale have you covered.

Marble And Ceramic Is A Beautiful Addition To Any Building

You know marble and ceramic is long-lasting and incredibly hardy. What else can you expect to gain from natural stone for sale in the middle of your lobby? Architectural stone and tile ceramic holds a unique beauty unmatched even by wood or glass, hearkening to old-fashioned techniques and boasting a brilliant sheen that makes the eye dance. Hardscaping is on the rise, according to the Census Bureau’s recent Survey Of Construction, and nearly 25% of new homes have been choosing alternate options.

First Impressions Are Often The Most Long Lasting

The last thing you want customers thinking when they visit your place of business in-person is they should’ve gone to your competitor instead. Investing in engineered stone for sale ensures you’re putting your best foot forward each and every day. The design of a company’s lobby is particularly important to your long-term success, as it’s often the first thing visitors see, and should do the complex task of communicating your intent and artistic know-how. Considering eco-friendly design choices are becoming more popular, this is a win-win situation you can’t afford to miss out on.

Choosing The Right Engineered Stone For Your Business

Stone for sale is bountiful supply. You only need to look at your options and consider which one communicates your business’s intent best. A 2017 Unilever study revealed there is a staggering $1 trillion market opportunity for brands that effectively communicate their company’s sustainability benefits. Another study found one in three consumers stating they prefer to support brands that are eco-friendly. Stone for sale comes in a wide variety of textures, tiles and colors, able to be customized easily and last for many years.

Which one will bring out the best in your business?


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