Overview on SEO for Contractors

Good marketing for general contractors is based in good SEO for general contractors. Sounds simple right? However, it is not quite that simple. There is a big difference between good SEO for general contractors and not-so-good SEO. In this video, the presenter talks about what your SEO should be doing. For example, SEO that is designed to rank well for your name but not necessarily drive traffic to websites for general contractors is really not doing you any favors.

The presenter talks about a specific case and why in this case the SEO is failing. This insightful video may help you to better understand some of the key mistakes that are being made in SEO for this particular company. Some of the mistakes outlined in this video are actually very common mistakes that are made in the industry. One of the key takeaways in this video is that in many cases you do pay for what you get. If you are in the construction industry and not getting the SEO results you thought you would this is a must-watch video.

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