Parking App Makes Parking for Businesses Easier

Pittscurb application hopes to make it easier for parking for businesses, especially in busy cities. This video explains the apps purpose more.

This app helps customers find parking spots easier and much more efficiently. You can reserve a parking spot directly in front of the business you want to support.

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Businesses located in a dense and high-traffic area can sometimes lose business from people not able to get close to their business because of the difficult parking situations. This is especially great for businesses that specialize in to-go orders. Customers want to be able to just pick up their food and go. They are less likely to order from a business where the parking situation is complicated. This app also lets the businesses know when someone is parked in that spot to pick up their order. This makes everything flow quicker. It creates a happier business owner and satisfied customers. In the app, just type the business you want to go to and it will give you the parking options and ask what time you want.


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