The Ultimate List of Home Service Businesses to Consider Starting

Building and launching your very own home service business is a way for you to explore time flexibility and financial freedom while also providing a service to those in need. If you are thinking of going into business, but you’re unsure of where to begin, use the following list of home service businesses to spark inspiration. With a list of home service businesses, you can determine which area or industry is right for you based on your own skills, experience, and the vision you have for your own future.

Professional Roofer

When it comes to a list of home service businesses, roofing is one that is thriving and not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. One service position to consider working as is a roofing contractor. Working as a professional roofer is possible whether you’re interested in offering residential roof replacement or commercial roofing repairs. Professional roofers can work on their own independently or for roofing companies, depending on your own skills and the type of work you are most interested in.

Responsibilities of a Roofer

Working as a roofer will require you to inspect roofs thoroughly, which will require you to climb to certain heights in some cases. If you are someone who is afraid of heights or unwilling to climb up onto a rooftop, becoming a roofer may not be the optimal career choice for you. Roofers will also be required to assess damage while completing inspections of traditional shingles, asphalt roofs, metal roofing, tile roofing, and more. You will need to measure roofs and calculate the exact amounts of materials and the type of equipment you will require in order to begin and get the job done properly.

Offering estimations for clients, removing hazards, and cleaning may also be included as a part of your job if you are working as a roofer. This is especially true for those who choose to do so on their own, independently. Setting up warning lines, barricades, and learning the ins and outs of roof safety are all part of working as a professional in any capacity in the industry today.

How to Become a Professional Roofer

Working as a professional roofer will require you to have a basic understanding of roofing, materials, and the different equipment you will be working with. Becoming acquainted with mathematical skills and communication can also go a long way, especially if you intend to complete calculations and estimates for clients on a daily basis. Completing an internship or enrolling in a local training course will also help to increase your odds of being hired at a local roofing company, even if you do not currently hold a college degree. A high school diploma is typically adequate for those who are interested in pursuing a serious career as a professional roofer.

Flood Restoration Specialist

Working as a restoration technician, or someone who provides flood damage restoration services, is another service job to consider if you enjoy helping those in your local community. As a flood restoration specialist, you will be responsible for assessing any damage that may have occurred to a property from a flood. Regardless of the cause of the flood or water backup, flood restoration service specialists have the ability to identify potential areas that require immediate attention to minimize long-term damage and in some cases, even health risks.

Responsibilities of a Flood Restoration Specialist

As a flood restoration specialist, you will need to wear proper protective gear and equipment, especially when working in standing water or floodwater that has been accumulating for days, weeks, or even months. Identifying potential causes of floods, removing damaged materials, and cleaning surroundings are all tasks that are involved in the day-to-day job of a flood restoration specialist. Flood specialists should be comfortable working in water and unpredictable scenarios, whether they choose to work for residential or commercial clients.

Garage Door Installation and Repair Expert

Offering residential garage door services such as garage door repair and installation solutions is another way to break into the service industry, especially if you are doing so for the very first time. Becoming a garage door installation and repair expert will require you to know more about the current and older models of garage doors, both manual and automatic. You will also need to be familiar with a variety of tools as well as the mechanics of traditional garage doors. Whether you prefer to work on classic and manual garages or if you’re interested in modernized automatic and remote-controlled garage doors, working as a garage door installation and repair expert is one position you can assume even if you do not hold a degree.

Job Duties of a Garage Door Installation and Repair Expert

Anyone who works with garage doors regularly should understand the basic and advanced mechanics of various garage doors on the market. Becoming familiar with different brands, makes, and models is also imperative for those who are serious about a career as a garage door installation specialist. Garage door experts will also need to inspect doors for potential issues, openings, and damage that may be impeding the door’s usage when working for clients. As a garage door installation and repair expert, you will provide the solutions that homeowners require whether their garage door is stuck or will no longer respond to their remote control.


A list of home service businesses would not be complete without including a professional landscaper. Providing landscaping services to both residential and commercial clients can help you build a name for yourself or the business and brand you represent. From planting trees, flowers, and shrubs to cutting grass and disposing of yard waste, there are many different services you can consider offering when you go into the field of landscaping. While becoming a landscaper does not require special training or a degree, various courses can help you better understand advanced landscaping techniques and methods that are not typically known to the public.

Advantages of Working as a Landscaper

When you choose to work as a landscaper, you can do so on your own or for a local landscaping company, depending on your preferences and the location you currently reside in. Most often, landscaping provides a bit of room for creativity and flexibility, especially if you are working with a client who is open-minded or prefers that their landscaper completes the job with their own vision in mind. When you are working as a landscaper, you will also get to explore new locations and spend plenty of time outdoors, which is ideal for those who are avid nature lovers.

Demolition Specialist

When reviewing a list of home service businesses, the last career you may expect to see is a demolition specialist. Demolition specialists who work in commercial or residential demolition are experts in creating, monitoring, and setting off rigs when demolishing buildings or structures of any kind. If you enjoy demolishing structures and want to do so in an environment in which you are also paid for your work, consider pursuing a lifelong career as a professional demolition specialist or expert.

Residential and Commercial Oil Delivery Solutions

Another service job that falls on this list of home service businesses includes commercial and residential oil delivery solutions. Oil delivery solutions may be useful for home or local businesses, depending on the needs of the client. The type of oil you deliver will also vary based on your local supply and the resources available near you. Because oil delivery is an extremely niche professional and sub-industry of the service industry, it will either be much easier or more challenging to break into successfully, depending on the region you currently live in and the surrounding demands in the area.

Dumpster Rental Services

If you are searching for a service career that you can invest in immediately, consider starting your own dumpster rental service. Offering residential dumpster rental services to locals in your neighborhood is a way to generate a passive or full-time income stream on the side, depending on your goals and intentions. Providing a dumpster rental service is ideal if you are interested in assisting those in your neighborhood with properly disposing of their trash and belongings or furniture they no longer want or need.

Professional Electrician

No list of home service businesses would be complete without promoting the option of becoming a professional electrician. Whether you wish to work as a local residential electrician or you prefer to work on commercial buildings, becoming an electrician will guarantee work and a long-term career with the right level of skill and experience. Becoming a professional electrician does not require extensive college and can be done with a proper training course and the right certification program.

Job Responsibilities of a Professional Electrician

Assuming the role of a professional electrician will require you to feel comfortable working with electricity, even in high-risk situations (in some instances). As an electrician, you will be responsible for inspecting electrical issues, installing new wiring, maintaining systems, repairing issues, and even inspecting appliances and outlets, depending on the needs of your individual client. The more comfortable you become with working with electricity, the less likely you are to feel intimated by any scenario you find yourself in professionally.

Professional electricians are required to successfully identify potential problem areas of a circuit or the wiring in any home or building. Inspecting electrical components and becoming familiar with equipment such as breakers and transformers is also necessary in the field. Determining the root cause of an electrical misfiring or equipment failure can also be the responsibility of an electrician, depending on the type of services you intend to provide. Testing wiring and circuits must also be done safely and properly by a professional electrician, whether you prefer to work in residential homes or commercial properties.

Becoming an Electrician

Working as a professional electrician in any capacity does not currently require a college degree, but it will typically require on-the-job training, an internship, or the completion of a program at a vocational-technical or trade school. Registering as an electrician apprentice is also required before you will have the option to work on your own while offering services as an independent agent. Completing your apprenticeship followed by obtaining your certifications and licensing is imperative for those who are serious about assuming a full-time position as an electrician. Once you are licensed and insured, you can take the time to pass your exam to become a fully licensed electrician, permitting you to begin offering your services to the public in exchange for your set hourly rate.

Internet/Cable Technician

Completing this list of home service businesses is becoming an internet or cable technician. Working as an internet/cable technician does not require extensive studying or a degree and can help you to get to know more about the ins and outs of internet and cable systems today. As a cable technician, you will need to know how to install, maintain, and repair cable infrastructures for both commercial spaces and residential homes, depending on your preferred area of expertise.

Responsibilities of an Internet/Cable Technician

Becoming a cable technician is not extremely complicated and typically involves completing a training course and receiving a certification. As a cable technician, you will be responsible for installing new internet or cable into homes and commercial buildings. Running tests and diagnostics is also part of the job description for most cable technicians today, especially if you intend to work in customer service.

Inspecting new locations, ground cables, and in some cases, even cable towers may be necessary when working as a professional cable technician. Knowing how to install equipment including routers, phones, computers, and smart televisions is also necessary as a cable technician. Providing troubleshooting solutions for customers and clients is also part of the job as a cable or internet technician, both online and off.

Using the list of home service businesses above, you can learn everything there is to know about going into the field of the service industry. If you enjoy giving back and feel satisfied when doing so, using this list of home service businesses can help you get started off on the right track. When you are familiar with all your options working in the service industry, you will have a much easier time choosing a path that is the most rewarding for you.

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