Plastic Packaging Continues to Develop in Various Industries

The packaging industry plays an important role in many industries. From ammunition to pharmaceuticals, for instance, various kinds of customizable packaging is used. Even safety glasses cases are a part of the growing packaging industry. If you have a company that is looking to distribute a sterile product you have likely looked at thermoformed clamshells and various other kinds of retail packaging. The largest companies, in fact, often drive the design of various kinds of clamshell packaging solutions. Having the right kind of packaging helps you make sure that you distribute sterile and safe products, while at the same time protecting merchandise from theft and helping to serve as a marketing tool.

Sterile packaging is an important part of many businesses. From small pills that need to be taken on a daily basis to bandages and dressings, the sterile packaging industry helps to make sure that consumers are able to get what they need and know that these items are safe. In addition to making sure that these items remain sterile, packaging like thermoformed clamshells can also make sure that products remain safe.

Another important role of the latest packaging is to make sure that items such as scissors and knifes remain safe. Formed to fit the exact shape and size of a product, the latest packaging techniques protect items until they are used for their intended purpose. In addition to keeping products safe, the right kind of packaging can also keep consumers safe. The latest techniques that are used in tamper resistant products help make sure that young hands do not accidentally get a hold of something that could harm them. From medications to sharp objects, many packaging solutions are designed to make sure that young children will not be able to accidentally get a hold of something that they should not have.

Some packaging design also makes sure that items are not stolen. Small camera cards, for instance, are often packaged in a much larger design so that they do not easily disappear from a retail area. Likewise, some hard plastic cases serve a temporary purpose until an employee can unlock the display and distribute higher priced merchandise.
Last, but not least, there is a good deal of packaging that is developed for marketing purposes. And while some of this packaging may serve some other purposes as well, customizable packaging solutions and options can be designed in specific shapes and colors to match any given marketing scheme. In fact, 66% of consumers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye, according to the 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study. In addition, some packaging marketing is designed to attract buyers who want to make purchases from companies that are making efforts to be environmentally friendly. As a result, research from The 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study revealed that 45% of consumers have purchased a product because the packaging was environmentally friendly.

The next time you make a purchase of a product that has been carefully packaged in customized thermoformed clamshells, you can know that there was likely a marketing team, as well as quality assurance and safety teams that helped create the design.


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