New Clamshell Packaging is Green and User Friendly

Thermoformed clamshells

Throughout its history, clamshell packaging has been on the edge of innovation and design. In keeping with this tradition and changing consumer preferences, it is now more ecofriendly than ever before. New designs in thermoformed packaging use less plastic, and can be full recycled. The age of green packaging is here, and clamshells are leading the way.

Clamshells and innovative packaging
Since it was first introduced back in 1978, clamshell packaging has been on the cutting edge of packaging and design. Made of thermoformed plastics, the containers are tamper proof and spill resistant. Clam cases of different sizes have been used for secure packaging in a variety of industries, from grocery to pharmaceuticals.
Custom clamshell packaging has allowed manufacturers to advertise the contents, and the see through thermoformed plastics cases made it easy for customers to see the products they were buying. In fact, the only downside to clam packaging was the security. It could take scissors, knives and box cutters to open the packaging. Not to mention a calm temper. New user friendly clamshells are easy to open with just one hand.

Retail packaging influences consumer choices
Another major innovation in design is the reusable clamshell, which can be recycled or reused. This is in keeping with changing customer preferences for green packaging and environmentally friendly products. As many as 52% of all consumers actually say that their buying decisions are influenced by the packaging, and that they prefer brands that have a positive social and environmental impact.
Reusable and recyclable packaging is important to consumers, and the new designs in thermoformed packaging go a long way towards meeting this need. Packaging plays a major role in consumer decisions to buy a particular product. It must be eye catching, secure and ecofriendly, to appeal to contemporary consumers. The new clamshell packaging meets this trifecta with ease.

Clamshells go green and user friendly
Reusable clamshells are designed to use much less plastic, and to be fully recyclable. This reduces the quantity of plastic waste, an important consideration for consumers. At present, much of the world?s plastic waste ends up in the oceans causing an estimated $13 billion worth of damage each year. The new and redesigned clams can be reused endlessly, for storage and transport of many different types of products. Available in multiple sizes, they can be used for anything from raspberries to medication.
New designs in clam packaging are as secure as the older ones, but they?re much easier to open. There?s no need for knives or scissors, and the experience is entirely stress free. These designs combine ease of use with security, the best of the old and the new.

Thermoformed packaging is now also ecofriendly. Clamshells can be reused and recycled, reducing the quantity of plastic wastes on the planet. They?re also much easier to open, combining security with convenience. The new generation of clamshells are still on the edge of innovation, meeting consumer and industry needs and preferences.

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