Should You Invest in a Short Term Career Training Program?

Education is one of the most critical investments you can make in your future and quality of life. However, education often comes at a steep price. There are many alternatives to a formal four-year degree program. The YouTube video “Top 10 short-term career training programs” illustrates ten career training courses. These programs offer candidates the opportunity to start a career in various fields.

Video Source

A Stepping Stone

One of the short-term career courses mentioned in the video is being a certified nursing assistant. This course typically takes 120 hours or six weeks to complete. Students can create a career ladder from this first occupation. For example, after graduation, they may opt to work in their chosen field for a few months or up to a few years. They will gain valuable experience in their industry. The next programs on the career ladder are nursing assistant Two and Three. Upon graduation, they may leap and continue studying until they become registered nurses.

This is one way of creating a career ladder and working your way up to a full degree. Many short programs on the list offer the same opportunity to create a career ladder within their respective industry. The process starts with career training courses.


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