Should You Start a Trash Can Cleaning Business?

Whether it’s private or commercial trash bins, a garbage can cleaning company can be a simple and lucrative operation. This video will tell you everything you need to know when considering starting your own trash can cleaning business.

One thing that’s great about a trash can cleaning company is that you can start with affordable equipment. Eventually, your equipment will limit how many cans you can clean, but you can get started with whatever you have.

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You can upgrade your supplies as you add new clients, rather than dumping in a pile of principal at the beginning.

The presenter of this video uses a pressure washer to clean garbage cans. According to him, a pressure washer is a great way to get your foot in the door and potentially do other jobs for the client. As you finish cans, you can ask if they want their walls, driveway, sidewalks, or roof pressure washed. These jobs are more lucrative than cleaning garbage cans. And by adding recurring customers, you can turn each client into an endless source of work and revenue. In terms of acquiring customers, the presenter suggests putting a sticky flyer on people’s garbage cans.


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