The Benefits of Donating Clothing to Charity

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In 2006, 2.5 billion pounds of fabric were kept from the landfills by used-clothing purchases. There is great value in clothing that has been previously used especially in context with donating clothing to charity. As a matter of fact, there are a large number of benefits that come along with donating clothing to charity.

Total giving to charitable organizations was $358.38 billion in 2014. There are more people giving to charities than ever before and that is great for everyone involved. Not only do the people making donations benefit from donating clothing to charity, but obviously so do the people who receive their donations.

Americans recycle or donate only 15% of their used clothing. As of late, 45%t of recycled clothing is worn as secondhand clothing. Here are all of the benefits surrounding donating clothing to charity:

When You Give, You Also Receive

Almost 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycled, regardless of the quality of condition. So there is no excuse when throwing away your old clothes. Instead, you are better off giving and donating clothing to charity because you will receive tax write-off receipts in return.

Men’s overcoats and suits are worth approximately $60 as a tax write-off. A coffee maker is generally worth $4 to $15 as a tax write-off. Use these numbers for reference when you are preparing to donate your clothes to a purple heart clothing donation and wounded veterans charities. If you are someone that enjoys tax write-off’s that you can use each year then that should be great motivation for donating clothing to charity.

When you are donating clothing to charity and want to use your donation as a tax write-off make sure you get receipts. Any charitable donation that has value over $150 will require a receipt to receive proper credit on your taxes. This does indeed include donations of clothing household items as well.

Donating Clothing To Charity Helps Others

There are plenty of people in the United States that truly benefit from receiving their clothes from clothing donations. So when you are donating clothing to charity, keep in mind that you are actually making peoples lives better. This can serve as continual motivation so that you consistently donate to charities every single year. This is even more so if you are ever involved with direct charities and get to interact with people you are helping.

About 4.7 billion pounds of clothing are donated by Americans each year. Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year. Make sure you are donating your clothing and not throwing them away. People can really have access to better clothes than they can afford plus some cannot even afford to buy clothes.

In Conclusion

Every single year people look for the best charities to donate to so that way they can help people in the process. For some, they donate just to get their tax write-off’s, but for others, they will do it because they truly value making a difference in people’s lives.

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