The Five Most Vulnerable Locations For High-Rise Fires In America How You Can Prevent Them

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Fire safety is no joke. It can be easy to take for granted the security of your business when you’re more caught up in day-to-day obligations, but the fact of the matter remains that a deadly fire only needs a single neglectful moment to put people in danger. If you oversee an apartment complex, motel or hotel you need to keep reading on the benefits of a fire protection service. These are categorized as some of the highest risk properties for deadly fires due to their close spaces and ventilation types, making a fire alarm inspection invaluable.

The top five list below will cement more common facts about fires in America, how they start and, most importantly, how to prevent them.

The State Of American Fires

Although technology makes it easier than ever to detect and prevent fires, this doesn’t mean we should become complacent. Electrical malfunction is the leading cause of non-confined fires throughout hospitals and clinics, adding up to 20% in a given year. Confined cooking fires also account for 55% of medical facility fires. Fire alarm inspections should be done on a yearly basis and fire alarm systems should be updated when necessary. Even a simple fire alarm repair job could save lives.

The Highest Risk For High-Rise Fires

A fire can occur anywhere. Some places, however, have a much higher risk of developing a high-rise fire than others. Four property classes account for half of all high-rise fires in the United States — apartments, hotels, offices and facilities that take care of the sick and elderly. Fires in warehouse properties, however, have declined noticeably over the past 30 years. This doesn’t mean you should rest easy, as fires can start at any time.

The Reality Of Property Loss

Fire poses a major risk to property, destroying structural integrity of buildings and laying waste to equipment, items and storage components. Every year hotel and motel fires alone cause over $76 million in property loss. Warehouse fires, as well, are associated with a higher average property loss per fire than most other occupancies. These can be better mediated, however, through the aid of a fire protection service that provides standard measures of pinpointing and dousing a fire preemptively.

The Rate Of Injuries And Deaths Caused By Fire

Fire is a deadly substance. When left unchecked it puts everyday people at risk of severe injury and even death. Hotel and motel fires alone cause an estimated 15 deaths as well as 150 injuries every year. From 2006 to 2010 American fire departments responded to a stunning average of 6,000 structure fires either in or on health properties on a yearly basis. Despite these figures, a recent survey of 119 businesses saw only 35% had a fire evacuation plan in place.

The Different Forms Of Fire Protection Technology

Just like fire can crop up anywhere and in a multitude of ways, so can it be properly identified, suppressed and put out through the aid of a fire protection service. Fire prevention and detection is important for saving lives, preventing property damage and safeguarding data centers that hold critical business and organization information. A fire protection service can test your fire alarm, install a viable sprinkler and help you put a fire evacuation plan in place.

Don’t wait until a fire has started to put it out. Seek out a fire protection service and take preventative measures to keep people safe today.

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