Top 3 Reasons for Customizable Packaging Solutions

Custom clamshell packaging

Plastic packaging is on nearly everything consumers buy. It protects electronics, keeps ceramics intact, and keeps medical supplies sterile. Whether it is a plastic bag or clamshell packaging, plastic is around every day. And every place. It is estimated that 150 million metric tons of plastic is currently in the oceans. A 2016 study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation finds that, if we continue down this path, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. That is an alarming statistic and one that would have far reaching consequences. Consumers are taking notice and are beginning to request change. Whether by using reusable clamshell packaging or reducing the amount of packaging, here are the top reasons to examine your packaging practices.

1. Consumers are more and more aware of the packaging of their products and it’s affecting their spending habits. A 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study found that 26% of responding consumers said packaging was extremely important. In 2013, 18% of respondents said it was important. The increase shows growing public awareness over packaging issues. That number will continue to increase through the upcoming years.

2. Consumers feel that brands are not really trying to meet the consumers’ needs with the packaging. That same 2016 West Rock Consumer Insight Study found that only 14% of consumers feel brands are adequately trying to meet the consumers’ packaging needs. That means that a whole lot of consumers are not impressed and a whole lot of brands are missing out. Whether consumers are looking for more environmentally friendly packaging, like reusable clamshell packaging, or looking for packaging made in the USA, a growing percentage of consumers are looking for change.

3. Not only does packaging serve to attract consumers, but it can directly influence purchases. The 2016 West Rock Consumer Insight Study found that 66% of consumers have purchased a new product because the packaging caught their eye. Furthermore, 45% have purchased products because the packaging was consumer friendly. Not only does packaging have to functional, but it has to be attractive to the consumers. This can be accomplished with customizable packaging solutions/options.

Consumers care about packaging in increasing numbers for environmental, practical, and aesthetic reasons. Reusable clamshell packaging can reduce the amount of pollution in the ocean and other retail packaging can be attractive and highly functional. By meeting the needs of the consumers, businesses could get an advantage over companies with similar products. Whether thermoformed packaging or utility box plastic, listening to consumers and working to meet their needs will be beneficial to businesses and consumers alike.

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