Tips for Porta Potty Rentals

Are you planning an event or construction project? Here are some essential and valuable tips to help ensure a seamless porta potty rental experience.

  • When selecting porta potty units, consider the event’s duration and the number of attendees. A general rule is one unit for every 50 people for a full day event.

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  • Ensure the porta potty rental company offers clean and well-maintained units. Sanitation is crucial for guest comfort, and regular servicing should be included in your rental agreement.
  • Strategically place porta potties throughout the venue or construction site. Don’t only consider high-traffic areas, but also ensure easy accessibility and proximity to handwashing stations.
  • Opt for units with additional amenities such as hand sanitizers, mirrors, and also proper lighting. These features improve the entire user experience and contribute to a more positive event atmosphere.
  • Check local regulations regarding porta potty placement and permits. Compliance with these guidelines prevents potential legal issues and ensures a smooth event execution.
  • Communicate with the porta potty lease provider about delivery and pickup times. Timely delivery helps to make sure that each of the units is set up before the event, while a prompt pickup avoids unnecessary lingering and inconvenience.
  • Prepare for unexpected events by having a contingency plan. Extra units on standby can be a lifesaver, especially for larger events or prolonged construction projects.
  • Educate event staff or construction crews about proper porta potty etiquette. Clear signage and communication can help maintain cleanliness and ensure users follow guidelines.


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