Types of Medical Refrigerators

2.5 cu ft refrigerator freezer Cdc storage and handling

A medical refrigerator is often used for the purpose of storing vaccines. This is a very important procedure that requires close monitoring of temperatures and dates to keep the vaccines from going bad. The last thing a medical facility wants is to give out vaccinations that don’t work or that are potentially dangerous because they weren’t stored properly.

Investing in a quality vaccine refrigerator is a wise choice for any medical facility to make. However, the right kind is going to vary from clinic to clinic. It depends on the size of the facility, the amount of vaccines being stored, and the available space for the fridge. There are a few options that a clinic can choose from depending on what suits their location best.

Undercounter Medical Refrigerator

An undercounter medical refrigerator is ideal for smaller clinics. If there is limited space and you are in need of a lab refrigerator that can be tucked out of the way this is a good choice. It’s not the best choice for larger clinics that need a lot of storage space.

Larger Individual Fridges and Freezers
Larger sized medical refrigerators and freezers
can be bought separately from one another for better temperature control. These are great for larger facilities that have a lot of vaccines and other things to store, but also have the extra space for both a bigger fridge and a freezer.

Combination Refrigerator and Freezer

While these are an option for clinics that need to save a little space, they are not the best choice due to issues with temperature control. The freezer portion can affect the temperature in different areas of the fridge portion and cause issues with keeping vaccines at the right temp. Combination equipment like this often draws cold air from the freezer over to the fridge and any vaccinations near that vent could get too cold or even freeze. It is still a viable option, it would just take a bit more thought when it comes to placement and precautions.

Choosing the Right Refrigerator for Your Facility

Whether it’s the undercounter medical refrigerator or the combination fridge and freezer, choose the right vaccine storage is a case by case decision. You will want to consider the amount of storage space you have, how much you need to be able to refrigerate, and how you plan to monitor temperature control. Once you have those factors figured out, making a decision should be incredibly easy.

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