Types of Vacuum Coating and What They?re Used For them

Coating equipment

Vacuum coating is a line of processes by which a vacuum coating equipment is used to deposit layers of materials onto the surface of a solid object. This process can be done ether atom-by-atom or molecule by molecule. The layers can differ in thickness depending on your particular needs. A vacuum coating equipment is used with two main sources: a physical vapor deposition which uses a liquid or solid source and a chemical vapor deposition with uses a chemical vapor source.

Here are a shortlist of vacuum coating processes as well as what they are mainly used for:

Abrasion resistant coatings.Also known as protective metal coating, this is a type of coating is a process where a vacuum coating machine projects a substance like silicone, epoxies, or polyurethanes and is used as a sealant. This process is usually used for to fight against corrosion, as well as heat, moisture, pH, and electrochemical damage.

DLC coating.Diamond-like carbon coating is a form of nanocomposite coating process where a vacuum coating equipment is used to deposit a thin film of amorphous carbon material onto the surface of an object. The shine of the carbon resembles that of a diamond. These types of coating are usually used on drill bits, molds, end mills and many other tools that can wear off over time.

Thermal spray coating is a process where materials heated to a very high temperature and melted is sprayed onto the surface of an object. The heating process, within the vacuum coating equipment, can be done via electricity or chemicals to provide a smooth thick coating. This can be applied to both metal surfaces as well as plastic and are used to improve the performance of the metallic or plastic component.

Low friction coatings is a type of industrial coating service where the material deposited provides a dry-lubricating effect on the surface of the object. When used in a vacuum coating equipment, the low friction effect can help to improve the performances well as extending the life of the object. A surface with low friction coating has the lowest coefficient of friction possible.

Applying some sort of vacuum coating equipment into your production production lines can greatly enhance output, and save you a large amount of time. It also helps you to cut down on the expenses of your production cycle which is a major reason why vacuum coating equipment are used in automobile factories and other industrialized projects. Whether for internal or external coasting knowing the right process to use and how to use them will give you huge leg up on your company production needs.

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