How Safe and Secure is Your Business Storefront?

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Owning a successful business requires much more than a great product. Upkeep is an important part of any successful business. Upkeep includes regular improvement of the product, a great storefront, and a safe and secure shopping environment for customers. Creating a safe and secure environment for customers is a commonly overlooked requirement of success. However, if your customers do not feel safe shopping in your storefront, or electronically, they will choose a different retailer. Increase your storefronts safety with the following business improvements.

Entrances and exits free of debris

Not only is this one considered a safety feature of any retail storefront, but is might also be city code in your area. If there is an emergency, your customers and employees require the ability to easily exit the building. If the stores entrance and exits are blocked by boxes, furniture, or other types of debris, you could be subject to high fines. It can also be helpful to visualize this exit plan for your customers. Post signs in different areas of the building, especially if it is larger, that clearly direct them to the nearest exit.

Fire and weather signals

This safety regulation might also be city code in your area. Many physical storefronts are required to have some type of fire or weather signals that communicate trouble to customers and employees. If there is severe weather coming, the sirens should warn people to remain there. If the building catches on fire, the fire alarms should warn people to exit. In some cases, the sprinkler systems will automatically turn on. Ensure that you are within city regulations with these types of emergency warning signals.

Clear and safe driveways

Parking is perhaps, one of the most overlooked aspects of a safe customer experience. Parking is just as important as the experience that your customers have in the physical store. In fact, if they are unable to park safely, they are unlikely to ever make it into your storefront. Make all necessary asphalt driveway repairs and ensure that your driveway is clear of debris. This could mean snow, ice, excessive leaves, rain water, or even garbage. Think of the parking lot and driveways as an extension of your business. Practice the same safety habits and techniques outside, as you do inside of your business.

If you do not have the means to keep your driveways clear and safe, it could be beneficial to hire a contractor. The good thing about hiring a professional contractor for asphalt driveway repairs is that the repairs tend to last longer. They are also aware of upcoming storms and weather related conditions that could cause problems with your current asphalt driveway repairs. Even if you live in an area with minimal weather changes, frequent traffic over many years can require asphalt driveway repairs. Carefully consider your materials. Over 90% of U.S. parking areas are surfaced with asphalt pavement currently.

Sidewalk repairs and removal of debris

Your sidewalks are just as important as your driveways. The only difference is that by the time customers identify a problem with the sidewalks, they are already outside of their vehicle. This often leads to increased frustration and anger over the conditions. It is also important to fix problems like improper draining. Make sure that your finished pavement will slope at least one fourth inch per foot. For best results, pair your new concrete driveway with a newly installed sidewalk.

Safety is a basic expectation when it comes to retailers. Customers expect their safety to be a priority when they visit a local retailer. This means appropriate warning signals, easy access and exit of the storefront, and safe and secure driveways and sidewalks. Quickly make repairs as needed, and replace your asphalt when it is no longer safe. Opt for a material like asphalt that is secure and will last a long time. Of the 2.6 million miles of paved roads in the U.S., over 94% are surfaced with asphalt, further speaking to their durability and strength.

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