Ultimate Guide to the Roller Burnishing Process

Roller burnishing is the process of effectively eliminating minor visual defects, polishing the surface to a smoothness of 1um or less. This process will go a long way to increasing the surface hardness from 50% to 100%. In as much as roller burnishing plays a critical role in regards to getting rid of visual defects on the surface, you need to know to undertake that process. Remember, it is a technical skill that requires you to have precision and also exercise some caution. You need to ensure you have the right burnishing tools. There are a wide variety of common types of burnishing tools. You just need to know which one works better for your project. And that is why you will need to have a guide. You can learn from a professional, or you can hire someone to do the work on your behalf. With a professional, you are guaranteed of getting value for your money. However, that will only happen if you select the right professional. The beauty of undertaking the roller burnishing project by yourself is that you do not have to hire a professional. But it will be better to learn how to undertake this project before taking it upon yourself. That is why here is a video that will guide you on how to undertake the roller burnishing exercise.


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