Understanding Farm Insurance

Farm insurance is a type of coverage that covers both your personal and business needs. Personal property directly tied to an agricultural or ranch enterprise is also covered. Agricultural machinery and equipment, animals, and farm supplies such as seed, silage, animal feed, fertilizers, and pesticides are often divided into three groups in this section of the program.

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If you have secondary structures on your property, such as a barn or stable, you will almost certainly need farm insurance. A farm policy must provide particular coverage for most buildings utilized for agricultural purposes. This can include structures that have been repurposed for agricultural purposes.


Tractors, combine harvesters, cotton pickers, planters, field equipment, hay rakers, and other agricultural machinery are all included. You may be able to bundle a commercial auto insurance policy with your total farm insurance package if you utilize a truck for farm labor.


Horses and equine animals are special in that they serve a wide range of uses. Whether you employ one or more horses for work, breeding, show, or pleasure, they are investments that you should protect financially.

Liability insurance

Liability protection is included in farm and ranch insurance, just like it is in a normal home insurance policy. Because of the risks involved, liability coverage is not a choice and must be included in every farm insurance policy. If necessary, it covers personal injuries, medical bills, and property damage. It also covers attorney’s fees linked with covered situations, which is maybe even more significant.

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