The Methods and Pricing of a Building Demolition

Do you have a small demolition company but don’t know how to price your customers? If so, here’s a step-by-step guide from a reputable demolition contractor so you can get paid the proper amount.

Step 1: For example, you are bidding for a garage demolition project. The first thing a demolition contractor wants to do is ask the owner the size of the garage is; you want to know the exact measurements of their garage.

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The measurement should be in square feet to give you a rough estimate of how oversized the garage is, which will be the basis of your proposal.

Step 2: If the potential gave you the exact measurements of their garage, whether a two-car or one-car garage, the average pay for demolishing a structure is around $3 per square foot. So, if a customer tells you they have a 24×24 feet garage, multiply 24 by 24, and you will get 576. Multiply 576 by three and you will get $1,728, then that’s your proposal. You can also add the permit fee too.

Step 3: If your customer agrees to your terms and offer, the next best thing to do is visit the site. Ensure everything they stated is valid and whether certain area conditions can make the project hard to commit. So, be sure to inspect the area to revise your proposal if any possible obstructions might make the project hard to finish.


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