What Are Powder Coatings

Powder coating happens to be a prevalent dry finishing procedure representing at least 15% of the industrial finishing market. In fact, the global powder coatings value was projected to grow up to $12.48 billion by the year 2020. But what are powder coatings? They are considered to be 100% solids however they do not need solvents during formulations as it is in the liquid coatings. Usually, free-flowing, thermoset, or thermoplastic powder materials are applied to the surface to be melted and allowed to dry and harden, forming a strong protective coating. This professional finishing is conducted with the help of an electrostatic spray deposition that applies the powder coating. Once the coating has been applied, it is heat cured inside an oven to melt and flow together. It can be used in coating metals like aluminum extrusions, household appliances, bicycle frames, and automobiles.

Professional powder coating does come with a lot of benefits. This is why many industries are using advanced powder coating to come up with various products.

Seamless Maintenance

Unlike a liquid coating, powder coating is very easy to maintain. It does not require any advanced solvents or cleaners while cleaning. You can simply clean it using soap and water. This will save you the resources and time dedicated to maintaining a coating. Furthermore, the powder coating can be easily cleaned, thus helping in providing a safe and conducive environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating is, without a doubt, eco-friendly. First, it is devoid of harmful chemicals or solvents. Upon disposal, it does not pose any threats to the environment. Also, powder coatings do not emit any harmful chemicals when being applied. This guarantees that the environment will not be polluted as a result of using this type of coating. It is not only beneficial in sustaining the environment, but also it does not jeopardize the health of users. Nevertheless, painters are recommended to put on protective gear to prevent their skins from coming into contact with the coating. But all in all, it is safe for use and very environmentally friendly. Indeed powder coating is the green choice when it comes to finishing.


Having to replace your new coating pretty soon is not only frustrating but also very expensive. This is why you need to apply a long-lasting option. The good news is that powder coating will give you the durability you need in your project. However, if you are yet to use this approach, you need to know what are powder coatings. Unlike liquid coating services, with powder coatings, you are guaranteed to enjoy enhanced durability. This will be a plus for your project since you will have it for a very long time without having to worry about repairing or replacing the powder coating.

Cost Friendly

If you want to carry out a finishing project, you ought to be mindful of your budget. You have to choose a coating that is not only of high quality but very affordable. This is where powder coating comes in handy. But what are powder coatings are and why are they necessary? The materials used in powder coating are purchased in specified sizes and in relation to the task’s requirements. Furthermore, powder coatings are generally less expensive. Therefore, you might save a few dollars when you get the best powder coating services.

Chance To Customize

When it comes to finishing, you will want to bring your creativity into play. This can be achieved very well through customization. The good news is that powder coating offers a wide variety of finishes and colors, allowing customers to choose one that suits their project. You can also customize the finishes and colors to ensure you get that unique outlook on your decoration.


Coatings are fundamentally used for protection and decoration. They are used on metals to make various appliances and as finishes to give a building or furniture that amazing appearance. However, the choice of your coating does matter a lot. For great benefits, powder coatings will do the trick. But what are powder coatings? A significant number of people are not well informed regarding this means of painting that comes with various finishes and colors. It is highly customizable, cost-effective, durable, and environmentally friendly, and those are some of the features that have made powder coating more popular.

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