Why Get a Powder Coating for Your Project

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The processes involved in metal fabrication can already be time-consuming. To get the metal components formed the way you want and need them, you’ll have to perform steps including bending, grinding, cutting, welding, and polishing. Then, you still need to paint everything.

So, why get a powder coating?

For one, it makes the process a whole lot easier. Most customers request particular, and sometimes unique, colors for their products. Therefore, you must find a way to accommodate their specific requirement.

Read on to find out the answer to the question, “why get a powder coating?” and the various benefits that come with it.

Why Get a Powder Coating and What Is It?

First, what are powder coatings? Powder coating, accounting for more than 15% of the total industrial finishing market, is becoming more and more popular as a dry finishing technique.

Keep in mind that coatings serve two primary purposes – for decoration and protection. This technique used differs considerably from traditional painting processes. Unlike liquid coatings, the powder variants – deemed to be 100 percent solids – do not involve solvents in their formulation.

It works by spraying the specific powder coat color onto the surface of the metal item that has an electrical charge. Because of this charge, the powder can easily adhere and cling to the exterior. Once the spraying process is complete, the product undergoes baking for a truly professional finish.

For instances where the client is meticulous in having their products with professional finishing, you can’t just pick up a can of liquid paint and overlay the desired color.

In most industries like automotive, manufacturers prefer the more dependable and effective method – using professional powder coating. Recently, this technique of coating metals proved to be essential in producing professional finishes. Below are just some of its numerous vital advantages:

Benefits of Using Powder Coating

Using powder coating has numerous benefits enticing many businesses to incorporate the technique in their production. Remarkable sturdiness and staying power are two of the most important advantages. Furthermore, powder coating can enable companies to save funds while also being more concerned about the environment.

Find out more about the different benefits of using powder coating:

Save Time and Money

Powder coating can save you a substantial amount of money over the long term. Apart from the reduced costs, it can also save precious time since it is much faster than other painting techniques.

It doesn’t really involve drying time and needs much less physical work because it is sprayed on. The powder is immediately cured after applying – resulting in a quick application and lower labor expenses.

It requires considerably less raw materials and equipment than other techniques, reducing overheads. Furthermore, there is little waste generated during the entire application procedure, saving you money on cleanup.


Powder-coated products have high resistance to wear and tear, such as fading, chipping, and scratching. This characteristic makes it suitable for metallic products constantly exposed to the sun and other environmental factors.

With traditional paint, you may experience fading and chipping in just a year or two. But with powder coating, your product will look fantastic for years – even if the product is often exposed to harsh weather and sunlight.

Apart from being a very resilient finish, powder coating protects the metal underneath the product from rust and other damage.


Since powder coating provides extreme durability, it requires less maintenance and lasts for a long time.

Why get a powder coating? Not only is the finishing durable, but it will also look great for years. With the high-temperature bonding process, the coat becomes more resistant to a wide range of environmental factors.

However, with any other product, you would have to clean it occasionally. Dust and dirt can accumulate in and around the item and can cause product malfunction if left alone.

With powder-coated products, you will only need to perform standard maintenance once in a while and get to enjoy the product for an extended period.

Use Only the Best Powder Coating for Your Production

Now that you’ve discovered all of the advantages, what are you waiting for? Use enhanced powder coating in your projects and never worry about problems involved with traditional paints. Not only does it make sense, but you’ll also get a quick turnaround in coating metal products.

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