What Goes into Commercial Roof Installment?

If you need hints for starting a commercial roof installation, this video will help you. It starts by discussing insulation. Energy guard poly iso insulation helps reduce energy costs because it has the highest R-value per inch.

Video Source

Energy guard is made from glass fiber reinforced cellulosic felt facers bonded to a poly iso foam core. It is easy to configure on the job site because of the various fastening patterns.

The substrate must be clean, and the surface is free of debris. It can be cut easily with a razor knife. The video shows the steps of installing the insulation. It can be used in just about any low-slope roofing application. It is intended to increase the speed and accuracy of installation.

The next section discusses the ever guard TPO 60 mil membrane. This is ideal for most low-slope roofs. The video shows the installation of the membrane. You must drill the plate fully down. Bonding adhesive is used to bond the ever guard TPO 60 mil membrane to the substrate. Talk to a professional who has experience before starting your first commercial project. .

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