What Its Like to Work as a Customer Service Rep From Home

Many people’s lives flipped upside down during 2020 and one of the major ways life changed was with work. Any company that could migrate to remote work did and many people still do work from home. Remote work has changed the working landscape forever and now there are specific jobs that work better remotely than in the office.

In this video, you will see what a typical workday looks like for a customer service representative. Offices no longer need a call center and can just hire people to do the same job from home. This completely eliminates the commute some people have to make.

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Working from home can make people more productive because they aren’t surrounded by people who could distract them with small talk.

Many people are choosing to work from home because of the convenience and companies are starting to accommodate for remote work. With everything being on the internet these days, remote work is easier than ever to do.

Watch the rest of this video to see what a customer service representative looks like while they work from home. You may notice that it looks pretty similar to one in the office, but now they are just working from home.


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