What You Need to Start a Drain Cleaning Business

There are a few things you should know before starting a drain cleaning company, and this video from a plumbing expert can help you prepare.

To start a simple residential drain cleaning business, you’ll need a few essential tools. The most essential is a full cargo van with your company logo on it. A pickup truck will not cut it in this business.

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A more high-tech piece of equipment is a drain cleaning camera. These are essential for going down drains and locating clogs and dips in pipes. You should get one that records on an SD card so you can show your customers what’s going on inside their pipes. This piece of equipment is very important.

Next on the list is a jetter. This will pressure wash the inside of the pipes and clean out tree roots, sludge, and remove clogs.

You’ll also need a small drain cleaning camera. This will be good for p-traps, toilets, and small drains. This is an inexpensive but essential piece of equipment.

Last but not least is a toilet auger. You stick it in the toilet, spin it, and it catches anything and unclogs the pipe. You should also have a handheld drill auger for direct clogs in kitchen sinks and bathroom showers.

These are just a few of the essential tools you’ll need to start your own drain cleaning company.

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