You Wont Believe How Modern Manufacturers Model Their Cars

As business owners, you are likely looking for innovations and ways to improve your business. This often lies in the latest technology and processes. However, sometimes we get tunnel vision and miss innovations that were right in front of us all along. In other words, lets not be so focused on the new shiny technology that we don’t miss other opportunities that come along. A great example of this resides within the automobile industry.

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Automobiles and automobile services make up a crucial and extremely completive market in the United States. This means that these companies must be as innovative and efficient as possible. In this video, you will learn how they looked to the past to create a better future.

Car manufactures have been adopting the latest technology in digital simulations and virtual reality to create their cars. However, modern car designers have found that the traditional crafting material of clay still provides the most efficient and effective way to design cars. A physical clay model makes it much easier for designers to visualize their design. Plus, a physical model can be subjected to tests in wind tunnels. Even though, manufacturers spend thousands on these models, they also save them thousands despite the modern alternatives.


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