Why Refurbishment is On the Rise for Induction Furnaces

For those in the induction industry, buying new parts can be expensive and time-consuming. Although new induction hardening equipment lasts for a long time, there are some instances where it makes sense to buy a refurbished or used induction furnace when possible. Learn more about how this can be beneficial.

It Can Save a Business Money

Companies that are involved in the precision casting business already spend a lot of money on parts and equipment. The United States is the main importer of steel, which is commonly used in induction melting. One of the most effective ways to save money and make the most of their resources is to purchase items such as a used furnace. This simplifies the whole process and allows money to be spent in an effective manner.

Used Does Not Mean Lacking in Quality

Just because an item is used does not mean it’s lacking in quality. It’s possible to find quality used induction furnaces and other equipment used without missing out on the quality of the equipment. Many companies find this allows them to get the equipment quickly, so they don’t have to deal with waiting for items they need right away. If there’s an urgent need for a piece of equipment, it might be easier to get it used and in good condition than waiting for it to ship. Since over half the steel in the world is used for buildings and other items that require working on a tight deadline, this is important and useful to have.

Buying Used Equipment Means Less Waste

When someone chooses to recycle or buy something used, they contribute to keeping the environment a better place by not junking or choosing for items to be thrown in the trash. This rings true even for purchases such as induction hardening equipment. It’s better to recycle and reuse whenever possible in order to save money and avoid waiting a long time, while still making a point to watch out for waste in the environment. Choosing a refurbished induction furnace and other used parts is a benefit for any business that deals with these, and provides many benefits one wouldn’t get by purchasing brand-new.

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