Writing an RFI Vs. an RFP

If you work in the field of package delivery, or even are just looking to make your online marketing strategy easy and seamless for viewers to navigate and use, chances are that you have heard about the rfi and rfp. RFI stands for a Request for Information, while RFP stands for a Request for Proposal.

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Writing these two different documents takes careful attention to detail and a variety of different elements, and this video gives ua a brief outline of how each should be written.

As a general rule of thumb, it is wise to limit the companies you send an RFP to only reach a maximum of 8-10. To determine how many sellers you should send an RFI to, you should explore connections through the Internet, your business associations, personal networks, internal customers, and conference attendees. Send the RFI to anyone that you believe would potentially be able to meet your requirements. There is no real cap on how many you can send, but keep it to your serious considerations. Additionally, always include some smaller companies as they may be more willing to earn your business.


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