The Inside of a DJ Service Pack

This video is to inform viewers on a DJing service they can own and how to make a DJ service pack. Music is what unites all of us. Whether it is different genres like rock, hip hop, pop, country, or even ethnic and cultural music.

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People from all walks come together to listen to music and enjoy music to dance to, relax, and experience bonding with one another. If you love music and love the idea of creating and mixing music together you might think about becoming a DJ.

A DJ or a disc jockey, is someone who manages and plays music at events. You can do this as a side gig on the weekends or full-time at something like a club or a bar at night. Being a DJ comes with long nights and sleeping through the day but can have its benefits if you are really passionate about it. Offering a DJing service might be your next step but you will want to know where to start. You will need to create a DJ service pack in order to know exactly how much to charge for your services. Think about the cost of your equipment as well as music licensing rights.


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