Criminal Attorney Red Flags


There are 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, and there is a massive amount of variation in the types of attorneys and what they can specialize in. We’re going to dig deeper into the red flags to watch out for when seeking out a criminal attorney to assist you with a case.

A crucial red flag for a prospective criminal attorney to hire is if they are actively trying to scare you. A series of threats from a hired criminal lawyer is scary and overwhelming for a person already in need of help.

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Threats of deportation or federal prison are discouraging and, quite frankly, a telltale sign of an attorney to avoid. Similarly, an attorney that is raising your anxiety about your case during your initial call, intentionally or not, should be moved on from as well.

Price is an obvious factor in hiring a criminal attorney. It’s vital to make sure that your money is being invested into an attorney that is right for you and successful in their previous cases. Measure the cost of potentially making a mistaken hire vs. what the lawyer is charging.

Don’t forget to click the video above to learn more information about incompatible criminal attorneys.


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