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The Leading SEO Solutions for Small Business

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Alpharetta search engine marketing

According to Internet World Stats, there are now more than 2.4 billion internet users around the globe. That amounts to, roughly, 34% of the current world population! Although the internet is far from new, the quickening pace of technological innovation continues to introduce it to a wider audience with each passing year.

In terms of internet usage, the Pew Research Center ranks the most popular internet activities as follows:

  1. Search
  2. Email
  3. -

  4. Banking
  5. Shopping
  6. Social Media and Networking

In light of our continued reliance on email, coupled with the rabid popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, some folks might be surprised to learn that an astounding 97% of web users go straight to their favorite search engines afte

When In Australia, Do As the Australians

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Www.kenya daily news

If you are planning an extended stay in Australia, it would be helpful to get a feel for daily life there. This is actually surprisingly easy to do with the help of Australian news websites. Brushing up on celebrity news, what the climate of news is around the country, and also what the news is in your soon-to-be backyard will make it easier to connect to your new coworkers and friends. Here are the three types of websites that you should look for so you can begin acclimating.

Celebrity News Websites

Have you ever noticed how people in America talk about celebrities as if they were their next door neighbors? It is the same in many countries around the world. An Australian news website that focuses on celebrities will ensure that you know what people are talking about when you get over t

Need a New Design Layout for Your Kitchen? Hire a Professional

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Restaurant designer sydney

How do you feel about your restaurant layout design? Now ask your head chef. If the flow in the kitchen is starting to stagnate, if your kitchen staff is struggling, if you feel like your staff could be doing better, you may need to get a hold of a restaurant designer to work on a new bar and restaurant design for you.

  • Why Remodel?

  • A new restaurant layout design can make a world of difference in
    your business. Maybe the kitchen is not as smooth as it should be. A remodel can make it so each station moves at the right pace, making food production the perfect flow. Or maybe the layout of the dining room is not aesthetic or too close to the dish room, or does not have enough windo

Canadian Payroll Providers Giving Small Businesses Solutions to Better Managing Payroll Processing

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Payroll service

Owning a small business of any kind can be quite challenging. There are numerous responsibilities that a small business owner must take on and constantly maintain in order to ensure that their business runs smoothly. Payroll processing can be a difficult task to manage, as the consequences of making mistakes in the process can be quite damaging. Canadian payroll providers can supply small business with solutions for more efficient payroll processing services.

The complexities, riskiness, and expenses involved if mistakes are made is why payroll processing is one of the main problems that a small business owner can f

How to Convince a Bank to Lend You Money

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Small business loan

According to MD News, more and more medical professionals are using practice loans for small business expansion or to either start their own practices, hire more staff, or even to meet long term goals. Whether you need medical practice loans or dental practice loans, one of the most important things you can do to secure a loan is to articulate your need, and have a repayment plan ready for proposal.

A study from Pepperdine University found that the top reasons lenders declined clients were tied between the insufficient amount of the business’s cash flow, or because the company lacked sufficient collateral. This prov