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Here’s Why Every Municipal Entity and Large Business Should Be Investing in Modern Cooling Tower Pumps

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Corrosion resistant

Cooling towers play a central role in the lives of millions of people, and they particularly important to the success of several industries. From municipal entities to HVAC organizations, you need to invest in the most advanced solutions possible to get to get the most out of your cooling tower pumps.

When investing in cooling tower pumps, there are a few key components that you should be looking for. Closed circuit cooling towers are absolutely ideal for those who are looking to enhance their current system on a tight budget. Plus, the best cooling tower pumps providers have the tools and services you need to maintain your system, including cleaning and water efficiency.

You don’t ne

Why Use Green Cleaning Products

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Green janitorial services

Finding green janitorial services should be our top priority when looking in to any kind of cleaning services whether it be church, office, park, street, home or school cleaning. Green janitorial services are not something to be overlooked because they can be what determines the health of the people that attend that establishment. Too often we overlook the important of staying environmentally friendly and think that it’s not as crucial as people make it out to be. However, our world is slowly deteriorating and everything that we can do as a

5 Tips to Avoid Chargebacks

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More and more people are buying things online. E-commerce generates more than $931,000 every 30 seconds from computers and nearly $270,000 worldwide. Moreover people tend to spend more when shopping online than in traditional brick and mortar stores. The average American online purchase is for about $80. When people shop online, may know exactly what they are going to get and where they are going to get it. Nearly half (48%) say they have decided these two things before they go online to buy it. Most of this shopping online is done with a credit or debit card making it critical that e-commerce sites have a good merchant payment gateway company. This is crucial for providing stores with chargeback protection for ecommerce.

Chargeback is the term used when a customer disputes a claim on their credit card stat

Learning the Basics to Heavy Duty Equipment

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Komatsu reman parts

When working with heavy equipment, it is vital that everyone involved in the project is aware of the risks, and is properly trained and educated on all of the machinery in use and the protocols in place, particularly if something goes wrong. Heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders, for example, are just one element that operators need to be mindful of when in use. Heavy duty machines used for cutting edges or lifting materials are machines that require a great deal of knowledge to operate and a great deal of respect for the incredible power that they are capable of producing.

Heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders, construction cranes and more
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Camp in Style and See the Whole Country With an RV

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Steel crane mat

One great way to see America and camp in style is to use a recreational vehicle (commonly abbreviated RV). If you’re a little older and feel like your bones can’t really take the hard ground anymore, ditching a tent for an RV can be a great and luxurious option. If you’re taking a cross country trip (and plan on many more), an RV can be a much cheaper option than staying in hotels. You can equip your RV with all the comforts that you enjoy, stock up on food and drinks at grocery stores, and pay a campsite or RV fee at campgrounds, instead of paying for a hotel. If you’re traveling a lot, an RV can really help cut costs, once the initial purchase price is paid down. An RV will protect you from the elements, will be safe, clean, and odor-free, and you’ll have more control over your surroundings than in a tent or

Concrete Repairs for a Better Curb Appeal, and Less Rolled Ankles

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Part of taking pride in your home is maintaining not only the functionality of it but also the outward appearance, which could include updating the paint job on your house’s siding, putting some time, effort and funds into a nice landscaping job, and ensuring the sidewalk out front and the driveway are in prime condition. While painting or landscaping might seem like obvious projects, not everyone remembers to make sure the quality of the walkways and driveways are top notch. Think of it this way: if the neighborhood kids make a point to steer their bikes, rollerblades and skateboards clear of your property, it may be time for some concrete repairs.

Giving sufficient attention to concrete rep

The Dangers of Your Tap Water Lead, Flouride, and Other Contaminants Can Cause Serious Health Risks if Left Untreated

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Household water softener systems

Our planet is unique in its ability to sustain life thanks in no small part to the presence of liquid water. Biologists agree that water is the basis for all carbon-based life; it is no surprise that astronomers in search for extraterrestrial life start by looking at planets with liquid water on its surface. Clean, healthy water is necessary for life to continue flourishing; here are some ways that our bodies rely on water for basic functions.

Water and Our Bodies

Across the nation, Americans use around 346,000 million gallons of fresh water every day for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning among other uses. It is suggested that the average man drinks around 3 liters or 13 cups of water per day and the average woman drinks around 2.2 liters or 9 cups of water

Online Safety and Services for Businesses

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As online and mobile shopping and purchases grow dramatically, the security of online transactions and record keeping is also a growing concern for shoppers and vendors alike. A new type of credit card payment service can help merchants keep track of online payments and offers the protection of secure record keeping that can be accessed any time and from anywhere. For any business that uses online payment services, easy verification of purchases and orders can provide the secure backup they need for their records.

It’s a digital world out there
The world of online shopping is growing rapidly, in the U.S. and worldwide, as market research shows. In

This Non Profit Helps Moms Return to the Workplace After Years Away

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Non profit jobs nyc

According to Fortune, there?s a nonprofit out there that?s interested in helping moms — specifically, moms looking to return to the workforce after years away.

Return Path is one NY nonprofit recruiter that is dedicated to helping out women. Marina Groothuis is a prime example of the type of person this service helps. Groothuis had a job in the music industry as a marketer, before taking 12 years off to raise her family. When she tried to break back into the industry, she found that it had completely transformed thanks to the rise of MP3s. Even the marketing lingo that had defined her job role previously had changed.

Though Groothuis applied to hundreds of jobs for months, she says she heard back from only a tiny percentage of them. Her resume was out of date — and it didn?t go unnot

Difference Between Transportation Ships and Leisure Ships

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Cruise ships serve many purposes, but the two main aspects are transportation and leisure.


  • Modern cruise ships now offer many amenities that cater to tourists so that they enjoy their experience. Ships are now used for leisure activities more than ever before.
  • Cruising for leisure has become one of the major aspects of the tourism industry. In 2011, cruising accounted for nearly $30 billion from a total of 19 million passengers.
  • The food and beverages quantities that are consumed on cruise ships are extremely large. On average, in a single week, passengers on one cruise ship consume 28,000 eggs, 20,000 pounds of beef, 18,000 slices of pizza, and 8,000 gallons of ice cream.
  • A cruise ships’ restaurant, typically, schedules two dinner services and