4 Warning Signs to Repair Your Concrete Lot

Throughout the United States, many people rely on the durability of concrete. It’s important to note that concrete isn’t a single material but rather a mixture of several others. About 60% of concrete is made of crushed stones and sands, 20% is water and the remaining 20% is cement. In fact, the first concrete road was constructed in Detroit, Michigan during the year 1909. Since this time, concrete hasn’t only been used a type of road surface. Many commercial properties require concrete for the purposes of parking lot construction. In order to keep concrete parking lots in optimal condition, it’s a good idea to watch out for any warning signs. Considering that, here are four warning signs that your concrete parking lot needs repair work.

  1. An Unintentionally Sloping Parking Lot

    A flat parking lot makes for an easy drive. If you drive on your company’s parking lot daily, it’s hard to notice small slope changes. Considering that, you’ll want to dedicate time to visually inspect this area for any signs of unevenness. A sloping parking lot is often a sign that you’re dealing with foundation damage. Without treating this problem, it’s easy for new issues to occur including concrete crumbling and breaking away.
  2. Concrete Begins Cracking

    Another warning sign of a damaged parking lot is seeing cracked concrete. It’s important to remember that concrete is an extremely strong material, with a compressive strength ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 psi. As weather patterns change, this has a direct effect on the ground below. Changing weather causes the soil to either shrink or expand. Over time, all concrete is susceptible to damage from the soil below. Fixing cracked concrete is imperative as this type of damage is known to spread quickly. In addition, fixing cracked concrete is more complicated than you might think. Therefore, it’s best to leave these tasks to the professionals.
  3. Your Parking Lot is Filled with Puddles

    When rain falls on a flat surface, it’s usually able to
    drain away. Sealing concrete is able to protect this mixture from the elements. However, concrete sealants will wear down over extended periods of time. Without proper amounts of sealant, water can easily make its way into your lot’s concrete. If you can’t remember the last time your lot was sealed, it’s beneficial to contact a concrete maintenance company.
  4. Difficulty Opening and Closing Doors

    Not every sign of concrete damage occurs in your parking lot. If your building and parking lot were placed over a concrete foundation, damage can also occur indoors. Considering that, a common sign of damaged concrete is dealing with stuck doors. Stuck doors might be able to open and close fully. However, it often takes a lot of force to accomplish this task. If your doors are difficult to open or close, it’s likely that the concrete foundation is pushing against these door frames.

To summarize, it’s wise to keep an eye on your concrete parking lot. Should any issues arise, you’ll want to contact a pavement company. These services are able to take care of many problems, from fixing cracked concrete to sealing your lot. If you’re wanting to avoid spending lots of time and effort on repairs, it’s wise to contact a concrete maintenance company.


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