Chartering a Private Jet

Many methods of travel near and far are available today, each each has its own advantages. Trains can carry many people along railways on dry land, and private cars and trucks can go nearly anywhere on roads, as can public buses and motorcoaches (which are very useful for groups of tourists). The oceans are mainly used for luxury cruise ships and freight vessels, while ocean liners have been replaced by their aerial cousins: jets. Today, jets can be commercial or private, bought new or used, or even chartered for business travel or vacations for those who can afford this convenient and luxurious way of travel. Charter quotes, maintenance, distance traveled, and other logistics will be factored in for a jet owner who leases his or her vehicle to clients.

The Advantages of Jets

Air travel is big, and that means both commercial and private aircraft. By the year 2011, for example, around 11,261 private jets had been registered with their owners in the United States, and this total could easily be higher now. These private jets are free to take off from and land in whatever hangar they need; around a third of business aircraft flights land in secondary airports, and 19% of flights will land at large commercial airports. And traveling business men and women may get a mental boost from these private jet excursions; in a 2009 survey, the respondents said that they are roughly 20% more productive on board a company aircraft than in an office building. After all, businesses often outsource the logistics of business travel to outside agencies, and this is one incentive of several to send business professionals on such trips, among other reasons such as networking opportunities. Getting charter quotes is one financial aspect of worldwide jet aviation for business to be considered as a business expense.

Buying and Chartering Jets

Private aircraft are always available to be bought and sold in various conditions. There are some advantages for a private customer to buy a new jet. For one thing, the newest aircraft have the most fuel efficient and powerful engines on the market, often outperforming older models. Up to date safety features will also be found in these jets, anything from cabin pressure to warning systems and emergency signals. New jets also have their warranties intact and will not have wear and tear in the interior or with the hull or engines.

Private jets depreciate in value quickly, so buying a used one can save a lot of money for a buyer. In this case, there are some factors to consider, such as a lack of warranty, outdated engine performance, or damage to the hull such as cracks or worn paint. Also, the buyer should check for mildew on the inside’s fabric surfaces and find out where the plane had been stored. Humid air is often hard on these planes, so storing one near New Orleans is not the same as storing it in Utah. The jet’s previous flight logs should also be reviewed.

The owner of a jet, when he or she does not need it, can allow guests to charter a flight on it, and charter quotes can be issued for approved flights. Charter quotes can bring in revenue for the jet owner, but it may be difficult to turn over a profit when maintenance, fuel, the pilot’s salary, and the jet’s sticker price are factored in. Still, charter quotes and the money earned can at least somewhat offset these expenses, especially during times of the year when the jet’s owner does not need it for vacations or business travel.

The expense of charter quotes may be split among several passengers in a private plane charter. Jets vary in size and thus carrying capacity, and a party of six or ten can easily afford the jet if the passengers split responsibility of paying charter quotes. Passengers should also be aware that while private jets have small fuel tanks and thus have to stop for refueling more often. This can restrict travel over the ocean. A private jet charter is unlikely to take someone directly from Seattle to South Korea, for example, but crossing the continental United States, or going from one part of Europe to another, should be feasible.

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