Borescope Inspection of Gas Turbines

If you are in the gas turbine field, you have probably quickly found out that borescope inspections are much more difficult and complicated than inspections in other manufacturing and industrial fields and procedures. Gas turbines function at a whopping two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, versus the one thousand and two hundred degree operating point of its steam turbine counterparts. However, this extremely high temperature just means that borescope inspections are even more essential to avoid critical malfunctions and harm. When borescope inspections are not regularly conducted on gas turbines, it becomes very difficult to not only identify problems in the turbine, but also ensure that everyone working and dwelling in the immediate area are not in any imminent danger due to the gas turbine.

What exactly is a borescope? In simple terms, it is a tool that is used to see the innermost mechanisms of a machine that would otherwise be impossible to be seen. Technicians and experts use this machine to carefully inspect turbines, engines, and other machines without damaging their delicate and complex systems and parts. A borescope is a system of extenders, lights, lenses, and cameras. The flexible extenders are used to carefully maneuver the lights and cameras into the system. The lights then guide the way for the cameras, which are viewed and operated by the technicians or experts from the outside.

There are many advantages to borescope inspections over other approaches to examining the insides of a turbine. These advantages include ease of use, high quality imagery, and excellent coverage distance. The simple and straightforward design of a borescope make it easy to manipulate compared to other inspection devices. The rigidity of borescope extenders provide a stable environment for the cameras to take high quality pictures, and certain borescope models can even pick up on imperfections within a turbine as small as .0001. Borescopes can reach greater depths, tighter spaces, and more distant areas with greater accuracy than any other inspection method.

Due to the danger levels of the work environments within gas turbines, borescope inspections should always be conducted by a trained professional. If you work in the gas turbine field and suspect one of your machines is in need of an inspection, contact your local services immediately.

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