What to Consider when Arranging a Private Jet Charter

It feels gauche to call yourself a member of the “jet set” until you’ve chartered a private jet for yourself. If you’ve started looking into private charter quotes, however, you’ve no doubt realized that jets truly do come in all shapes and sizes. What’s a person to do? Here are a few rules of thumb to help you choose the right private aircraft for your trip.

Flight Time

Not all private aircraft can travel coast to coast nonstop. Before you charter a jet, you’ll want a complete itinerary and have a rough idea of how long your flight will be. A light or very light jet (such as a Learjet 31) can only travel for about 2 hours nonstop, while a heavy jet (generally a Gulfstream charter) can make transcontinental nonstop flights.

Number of Passengers

A private jet can carry anywhere from five to sixteen passengers comfortably, but it’s worthwhile to know the exact number of passengers before you fly. Your business charter jet should never feel cramped, especially if you plan to socialize, relax, or conduct business in the air. Ask your private aircraft broker about size and capacity in their private jets before you book.

Luggage Space

Unsurprisingly, larger planes will often have more luggage space. If your flight is only expected to be an hour or two, but you expect to have a longer stay, it may make sense to upgrade to a Gulfstream or Falcon to give you some extra room. Don’t forget to consider any precious cargo that may be coming on board, such as pets, artwork, antiques, skis, etc.

On Board Accomodations

Of course, one of the benefits of a VIP private jet is the opportunity to enjoy yourself and to entertain guests while in flight. As such, you’ll want to consider whether you’d like to have a galley, access to WiFi, or private rooms. Larger private jets will also have flight attendants to assist you in flight.

Nearly every jet broker will suggest a “best private jet,” but the best jet is truly the one that fits your needs while in the air. As you inquire into private charter quotes, be sure to specify what (and who) you’ll be transporting and what their needs are. With a little preparation, you’re on your way to finding the ultimate private jet.

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