Diversity and Sensitivity Training

In this video, you will learn about workplace diversity courses. The video outlines the basis of these courses, by discussing sensitivity within diversity. Understanding cultural diversity is the first step. If you don’t understand something, it is hard to be sensitive to it.

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Sometimes, people don’t know they are being biased. So, it’s also important to outline what bias is and how you can prevent it. Enhancing sensitivity to cultural differences also means using verbal and nonverbal communication methods. This will help to foster people in the workplace and make people feel more comfortable. It is proven that when an employee feels accepted and welcomed somewhere, they will do better work. Ultimately, idea sharing from different people is the goal. You want to make everyone feel welcomed in the workplace and that their cultural differences make all of the difference when coming up with ideas. It’s notable to point out the difference between inappropriate and appropriate workspace behavior. Again, if someone doesn’t know they are doing something wrong, it is hard to be sensitive. Some ways people can be diverse are religion, culture, race, and economic status. These are just a few examples of diversity.

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