Selling Your Own House Tips and Tricks


In this video, you will learn about selling a property on your own. Tips and tricks are covered in this video and why you don’t need to hire a real estate agent. Agents charge a commission based on how much your house sells.

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Generally, if your house was worth $300k, you could be saving over $12k by selling your house on your own. The first step in selling your own house is getting the home ready. Decluttering is a good way to do this, you want people to see your house in its best condition. Less is more when you are selling a home. You really want to emphasize the space your home has to offer. You want to find the happy medium, where your home doesn’t look too lived in but also doesn’t look to space. Kai recommends going onto Pinterest to see the latest interior designs and styles. Simple updates to the colors of the wall, kitchen backsplash, and other small changes can make all of the difference. The first impression of a home is really important. You want to give off that initial good first impression, so people who are looking at multipole homes remember your home.

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