Learning How to Start a Roofing Company

Starting your own roofing company is the best decision you’ve probably made in your life. It is a profitable business and gaining in popularity as more and more people put importance on their home’s roofing. IF you want to learn how to start your roofing company, here are some guidelines.

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1. Check for local state rules with regards to licensing. Starting your business with a license is an essential part of the industry; having no license might set you off a bit as it may require you a hefty fine. Some states may require you to have a license, and some don’t. Be sure to check it out.

2. Other than your truck, Insurance is the next step as it is one of your most significant expenses when starting your roofing company. Workers’ compensation insurance is essential if something goes wrong while at work.

3. Roofing involves a lot of tools, machinery, and equipment. You may need some ladders as well as OSHA-compliant equipment. Also, you can never go wrong if you start with a truck or van.

4. What’s your target market? If you are starting small, then residential customers are the best way to go, and if you happen to live in a big neighborhood, send out some calling cards for roofing purposes.

5. Sales training. You need to train some of your employees to sell some stuff associated with roofing. Have your products sold with various customers too.


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