Plastic Crane Mats Are Extremely Dense and Strong

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After a decade a construction project in Newburyport, Maine, may finally be able to stop the flooding that has been plaguing the residents along a stretch of the Blackwater River. As reported in the Daily News, a combination of high tides and heavy rains have previously threatened the residents of these homes. A construction project that has included environmental agency approval of the installation of piling walls and crane mats to create a berm that will hold back the rising water.
Crane mats, previously made of wood or steel, are now available in a poly plastic that resists warping, rust, and deterioration. Used as stabilizer pads for cranes, these large platforms can be moved from one location to the next for major excavation and construction projects. Providing a level and stable surface for cranes that can weigh up to several hundred tons, these outrigger crane pads provide a steady surface that allows for construction projects all around the world.
Steel crane mats were often a favorite over wooden crane mats for years. The newly developed dense plastic poly crane mat, however, is an even more reliable option. The weight of a crane is often what determines how safely that crane can be operated. That same weight, however, makes sinking or soft surfaces unstable and unpredictable. A large crane may though not only provides a sturdy surface for the crane, it also protects the ground itself. Large crane mats on cement roadways, for example, can protect the current roadway surface during the construction process.
Crane Mats Can Also be Used Beyond Construction Sites
Although they were initially developed for the construction industry to be used with large heavy cranes, crane mats serve other purposes as well. Used a camper platforms at campgrounds around the country, these crane mats provide a stable surface for any size and type of recreational vehicle and camper. Used as a temporary flooring space for outdoor concerts and event parking.
Customers who want to rent crane mats will find companies that provide delivery, placement, and advice on how their versatile and sturdy surfaces can best be used. These rental companies can also help customers determine the size and shape of the crane mat that they may need.
While the general three factors that crane operators need to consider include ground conditions, size of outrigger foot, and outrigger load of the equipment, renting a crane mat for reasons other than crane construction pads consider other factors as well. For many customers, the sturdy composite plastic surfaces are often the best option. These rentable surfaces are made from an engineered thermoplastic material that is as much as seven times lighter than steel and four times lighter than aluminum.

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