Things to Think About BEFORE you Call the Concrete Contractor

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Are you considering driveway repair or installing a new asphalt driveway? Sunken driveways are a great way to add beauty and majesty to any home. Whether or not you’re perusing the sunken driveways of your neighbors enviously or just looking to get a little driveway repair done, there are a few things you should keep in mind before settling on a short list of concrete contractors:
1. Your driveway is a long term investment.
If poured correctly, sunken driveways done in concrete have a useful lifespan ranging from 25 to 50 years. That’s up to two generations and probably a paid off mortgage, meaning your return on investment on a good driveway could be huge!
2. Car width math is important.
When planning projects like sunken driveways or asphalt repair, it’s important to remember what the driveway is going to be used for. Are you a one car or a two car kind of family for example? Or a one car with a basketball hoop at the end? One car driveways will need about nine feet of room, whereas two car driveways need at least double this. Don’t short-change your width and doom all your guests to wriggling in and out of the double spot.
3. Y = MX + B!
And by his we mean, pay attention to your driveway’s slope. Make sure it slopes downward away from your house to prevent any flooding. The slope must be at least a quarter inch rise per one foot run to be effective.
4. There’s a gray one and a gray one and a gray one and a…pink one?!
That’s right. Just because sunken driveways are driveways, doesn’t mean they have to be gray. Have some cosmetic fun with your driveway and explore stains, burnt umber colors, and other natural hues to stand out from the crowd in terms of curb appeal.
5. Shop around.
We don’t care how reputable the contractor is, or what your aunt Sally told you about the nice old man who runs the place. Make sure to do your homework before going with any contractor. Check the average prices of sunken driveway jobs and inquire about the material suppliers. Make sure you book them in a season where it’s warm and rain isn’t expected, and if you can, visit their offices to look for signs of professionalism and prosperity. Angie’s list, the consumer website specializing in contractor services, is also a great way to check their reputation.
If you’ve been toying with the idea of a driveway or asphalt repair, now’s the time! Spring has sprung! So let those May flowers shoot up and get on the phone.

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