The 3 Most Common Ways That the Construction Industry Uses Industrial Shipping Containers

Conex containers have been synonymous with the construction industry for decades. These large steel containers have proven themselves to be the most durable, flexible, cost-efficient and even eco-friendly way for construction companies to transport equipment and store it on a job site.

But do you know all about the many ways in which construction companies make use of Conex containers today? The answers might surprise you:

Onsite equipment storage

In addition to transporting construction equipment and materials from one location to another, Conex containers are also often used for storage purposes at the construction site itself. Industrial containers, which boast a 25-year lifespan on average, are mobile, stackable and weather-resistant, making them uniquely suited to storing equipment onsite — especially when compared to wood or vinyl job site trailers.

Industrial shipping

Conex containers are also a popular option for companies in need of industrial shipping containers. A well-maintained steel shipping container can be put into use for years to come, giving your construction agency a reliable way to transport equipment and building materials from the warehouse to the work site and back again. They’re easily movable, as well, meaning your company won’t need to pour time and energy into moving these containers from place to place.

Mobile office space

Construction companies also frequently use Conex containers to create a makeshift office space on any job site. These containers can be equipped with lighting, bathrooms, HVAC systems, desks and chairs and everything else that’s needed for an efficient, functioning work space that will withstand the elements. In fact, industrial shipping containers are so weather-proof that they’re able to withstand winds up to 100 miles per hour. Compared to wood or vinyl structures, which aren’t equipped to withstand major weather events, a steel shipping container is often the smartest choice. Another great perk: you’ll get climate-controlled office space and break rooms — no matter where your company’s next project takes you.

What initially looks to be a big metal box is actually a hugely versatile and crucial component of nearly every construction project. Whether your agency uses Conex containers as industrial shipping containers or as on-the-go office space, you’re guaranteed to get plenty of use out of these structures.

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