The Main Ways Charities Collect Donations

Giving back to charity remains popular throughout the United States. Statistics from 2014 found that the sum of annual donations to charity organizations was $358.38 billion. Regardless of what you’re donating, it’s important to understand how charities receive these items. In this post, you’ll learn the similarities and differences between transporting donations and having them picked up.

Bringing Donations Directly to a Charity

Many people helping families in need bring donations directly to a charity. It’s understandable that many people also live incredibly busy lives. Considering that, you might want to drop your items off quickly. Whether bringing in clothing donations or other items, this process is completed faster than you might think. If you are donating clothing to charity, consider grouping items in boxes or bags. This makes bringing in large amounts of clothing easier than normal.

Choosing to Have Items Picked Up

If you’re unable to bring donations directly to a charity, consider finding out if they have a pick up service. Pick up clothing donations allow a charitable organization to collect items from your home. In many cases, you can simply label and leave your donations outside of your residence. Next, someone will come by and collect the items you’re wanting to donate.

Whether you bring donations to an organization or have them pick items up from your home, always collect a receipt. In most cases, the charity should automatically ask if you want this item. This receipt allows you to deduct portions of your donations for tax purposes. For instance, men’s overcoat or suits can be used as a deduction worth an estimated $60. Helping families in need is extremely important. That being said, it helps to know that many donators are able to obtain benefits of their own.

To summarize, it’s understandable to want to know the main ways of providing charitable donations. Charities helping families in need usually offer both pick up and drop off donation solutions. One study found that people throughout the United States recycle or donate only 15% of their wardrobe. You can help improve this statistic by donating clothing that isn’t regularly worn to a charitable organization. Whether you choose to have to schedule a pick up or are planning a drop off, you can rest assured your donations will help those in need.

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