Why Should You Choose Soft Serve Ice Cream Over Ice Cream? A Look At The Health Benefits

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From the taylor 168 ice cream machine to the taylor yogurt machine, ice cream (and its many variations) has long been a popular dessert staple no matter where you go in the United States. Everyone has a favorite flavor of ice cream, and everyone has a favorite ice cream parlor. But the taylor 168 ice cream machine allows you to make your own ice cream at home, enjoying all of the delights of the frozen treat with a great taste – just like it would be in an ice cream parlor. And if the cost of the taylor 168 ice cream machine is a little too steep for your liking, as used ice cream machine for sale is also always an option.

As the popularity of the taylor 168 ice cream machine shows, soft serve has become a particularly popular form of ice cream not only in the United States, but in many other places around the world as well. Soft serve ice cream is a relatively modern confection, originating and growing in popularity in the 1970s and the 1980s in the United States. However, it did not get off to the easiest of starts, as the original soft serve ice cream that was made actually contained raw eggs as part of the recipe. These raw eggs then made a number of customers very ill, and turned people away from enjoying soft serve ice cream at all. Fortunately, it is now completely safe to consume soft serve ice cream as much as you would like, either from an ice cream parlor or from made from a taylor 168 ice cream machine, as the raw eggs have long since been removed from the recipe for soft serve ice cream. And soft serve has become incredibly popular among the general population of the United States, with as many as seventy percent of people (seven out of every ten) choosing the soft serve option over traditional hard ice cream. Soft serve can also even be the healthier choice for those watching their weights and trying to live a healthy lifestyle, whereas the traditional form of ice cream is anything but. While soft serve can contain as little as three percent fat content (and no more than six percent fat content), traditional hard ice cream has a much higher fat content that is typically no lower than ten percent – and sometimes as high as eighteen percent. It is even mandated by federal law that traditional hard ice cream must be at least ten percent milk fat to be legally labeled as ice cream. This means that while traditionally made ice cream is certainly delicious, making soft serve with your taylor 168 ice cream machine can be just as tasty – but hugely healthier.

Frozen yogurt also provides a hard ice cream alternative for those looking to eat healthily, as yogurt has a number of positive health benefits. And the number of frozen yogurt establishments has grown exponentially in recent years, finding popularity in many different places of the United States. Frozen yogurt shops now number in total more than two thousand, and are visited every day by customers who are looking to satiate a sweet tooth without indulging too much – as is often the case with traditional hard ice cream. Frozen yogurt shops can also be particularly fun, as most involve choosing and placing your own toppings, which can range from fresh fruits to fudge sauce and broken up candy pieces, on top of your yogurt. The frozen yogurt is typically charged by weight, making it truly an experience you build for yourself, and that you can control to meet the requirements of your budget.

Frozen treats are delicious and there is certainly no doubt about that – but they are not always the most health conscious thing to consume. Fortunately, minor adjustments can be made to have a healthier experience overall while still fulfilling your craving for something sweet. For instance, soft serve ice cream or even frozen yogurt can be substituted for the more traditional hard ice cream.

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