Inside a Screen Printing Shirt Business

Have you ever wondered what it is like inside of a screen printing business? Screen printing is a method used to create custom team shirts and other types of shirts. There are other methods but screen printing uses photo emulsion and light manipulation to transfer images onto fabric. In this video, you will get a behind the scenes look at such a business. You’ll get to see the entire process of a custom shirt being made.

Video Source

The shirt begins with just an outline of the design. The screen printing is done manually by hand in order for the most possible care to be taken. This happens on a contraption that allows the shirts to be easily moved between stages, much like on a conveyor belt. Once all the artwork has been transferred onto them, then go through an actual conveyor belt so they can dry. A business like this will receive an order for custom shirts and then fulfill it on-demand. In this case, the shirts have already been sold and just need to be made before being sent off to the customers.


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